m/v Cape Canary

   Name: Cape Canary
Bulk Carrier
292.00 m
45.00 m 
24.70 m 
18.20 m 
182,557  m.t. 
93,235 g.t.
B&W 6S70MC-C
17,780 kW
15.3  kn

The bulk carrier Cape Canary is one of the latest products of Asian Shipbuilding, constructed and finished by Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation. The vessel has overall length of 292.00 meters and length between perpendiculars of 288.00 meters. The beam of the bulk carrier Cape Canary is 45.00 meters and depth is 24.70 meters. These measurements are showing the size of the vessel and we can easily imagine the vision and the capacity of the vessel. The ship Cape Canary has deadweight of 182,557 metric tons, while the gross tonnage is 93,235 gross tons. When the ship is fully loaded the draft can reach 18.20 meters. The ship is really large and such giant is in need of reliable and strong engine. The main engine of the Cape Canary is Kawasaki-MAN B&W 6S70MC-C (Mk7) , which is engine from newest generation with low fuel consumption and high reliability.

The main engine has power of 17,780 kW, which are giving the ability for the ship to sail with 15.3 knots. The main engine has improved structure and features. The main engine is giving low fuel consumption, due to more efficient propulsion system. The propeller is specially designed by Kawasaki to provide higher speed on low rpm. The ship Cape Canary is built according to latest requirements of IMO and MARPOL having large capacity, strong structural construction and high safety level. The ship Cape Canary is property of Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Limited and was launched on March 2010. The ship is high quality and having most modern systems for cargo handling and operations. The Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) is introduced for the developments of the quality of coatings . This provides preventive measures against aging of the ballast tanks. The fuel tanks are having double hull construction is case to prevent the ship from pollution. The ship is Cape Canary is really one of the newest and most modern ships built in Asia. The ship is quality and showing the development of Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation.

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