m/v Disha

Name: Disha
Type: LNG Carrier
Lenght: 277.00 m
Beam: 43.40 m
Depth: 26.00 m
Draft: 11.40 m
Deadweight: 81,097 m.t.
GT: 94,058 g.t.
NT: 28,217 n.t.
Capacity: 138,097 cub.m.
Engine: Kawasaki UA-306
Speed: 19.9 kn
Shipyard: Okpo Shipyard
Year: 2004

   Definitely the LNG Carriers are among the most dangerous ships sailing around the seas. They are carrying compressed natural gas, which is flammable and easily exploding. The gas carriers are having large requirements for their machinery, their tanks and their support. The ship, which will be in our eyes today, is the LNG Carrier Disha. This vessel is one of the largest gas carriers built ever. The overall length of the ship is 277.00 meters, while the length between perpendiculars (important for ship maneuvering) is 266.00 meters. The moulded beam of the LNG Carrier Disha is 43.40 meters and the moulded depth of the ship is 26.00 meters. When the ship is fully loaded the draft can reach 11.40 meters. The ship has summer deadweight of 81,097 metric tons. The gross tonnage of Disha is 94,058 gross tons, and the net tonnage is 28,217 net tons.

You can imagine what is the size of the ship easily and will understand that the danger, which this vessel provides is high in every mile sailed. Disha is newly built gas carrier, property of India LNG Transport Company and operated by The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. The LNG Carrier was built in 2004 by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering at their Okpo Shipyard. The quality of the vessel is proven because too much requirements should be followed by creating such large gas carrier. The ship Disha is double hull, which is required for all tankers built after 1994. The capacity for the tanks is for 138,097 cubic meters liquefied natural gas. The machinery of the vessel is really reliable and the main engine is a steam turbine from Kawasaki, type UA-306. The main engine provides to the propulsion system more than 68,400 h.p. The speed, which the ship can reach is 20.5 knots, while the service speed is 19.9 knots. The ship machinery is really from highest quality, to provide reliable work of the ship in any conditions. The main boilers are two, Mitsubishi MB-4B-NS, having maximal evaporation 63,000 kg/h. The turbo generator is Mitsubishi AT42CT-B with power of 3,450 kW. The diesel generator is STX 8L 32/40 with power of 3,664 kW. And finishing with the machinery should mention that the steering gear is created from YooWon Industries, with type YSFTX2-380-2. Really the ship Disha has impressive design and great machinery, which can made each voyage reliable and safety.   

The vessel Disha is hired by Petronet LNG to import gas on the company terminal in India. The ship is making regular voyages between Petronet terminal and the port of Qatar - Dahej. The ship Disha registered in Malta and having IMO number 9250713 and call sign 9HSJ7. Really the ship has high capacity and the voyages are very profitable for the company. Together with the machinery, the crew should also be reliable, because of the source of the cargo carried. In all cases the liquefied natural gas carrier Disha describes the necessity of high quality ship-builder in ordering vessels for dangerous cargo.

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