m/y Eclipse

   Name: Eclipse
Lenght: 155.20 m
Beam: 21.50 m
Draft: 5.00 m
Year: 2008
Shipyard: Blohm & Voss
Passengers: 12
Speed: 26.2 kn
Price: 350 mln USD

    The yacht has overall length of 155.20 meters (or 509 feet) and length between perpendiculars of 147.00 meters (equals to 482 feet). The beam of the super-yacht is 21.50 meters and the draft of the yacht is 5.00 meters. This definitely now is the largest and most expensive yacht of the world. The yacht is property of the well-known Russian billionaire – Roman Abramovich. The yacht Eclipse is going just a step in front of the second largest private yachts Dubai and Pelorus. The newly built Eclipse yacht was built from Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. The beautiful yacht can be valued to price of 350 millions USD. The beauty owns two helicopters’ caps, 20 water jets and own submarine. This is only the beginning when we start explaining the wonders of Eclipse yacht, because when some Russian oligarch starts to orders extras for his yacht, sometimes he forgot everything. The submarine is boarding from the bottom of the yacht and this allows for the owner to board the yacht in absolute privacy.

    Also the security on board is from the highest level, which is important for rich businessman like Abramovich. All windows are with protection B7, some of the largest possible protections known. The yacht has own places for the bodyguards and there is at least 5 possible exits if the yacht is attacked. Also the own security system can prevent more serious attacks to the yacht.
But what is one yacht, if there is nothing for the owner and guests. Security is not everything and when we are talking about 7 stars yacht like Eclipse this can be easily seen. The yacht has laBDraft: 5.00 m with large Havana bars surrounding it and one more pool inside for practicing swimming or making wet parties. Also the bars in open-air are designed for nice moments of the owner with his friends. The small cinema, library and restaurant are making this yacht to be closely to cruise ship. The large lobby is furnished with modern and classical elements. The yacht has 9 decks, first of which is only for the machinery and engine room. The second deck is the docking place of the 12 people large submarine. The same deck has one small disko-club, where guests can have fun. Upper decks are for the entertainments and living area. The possible capacity for guests on board is 12, who are divided into 8 apartments.

   The largest apartment is the owner’s one, which is situated on 5th deck on place of 5,000 square feet. This apartment has own verandah with nice ocean view and two large rooms. Also for the comfort of the owner, builders added small private garden in deck, which can be reached from the verandah. The other 5 apartments are double, all of them with balconies and nice ocean view. The last 2 rooms are single. Also as I mentioned earlier there is special place for the security on board. This will allow for the ship-owner to be all the time is security place even on board of his yacht. The yacht Eclipse is interesting with one more think, the maximum speed of the yacht is 26.2 knots, while cruising one is 25 knots. This is pretty much for steel yacht with such size. With simple words the yacht is one pretty large and beautiful hotel designed for the one of the richest people of the world – Roman Abramovich.

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