m/v Faust

Name: m/v Faust
Type: Car Carrier
Lenght: 228 m
Beam: 33 m
Draft: 11.5 m
Deadweight: 30,383 m.t.
GT: 71,583 m.t.
Capacity: 8,000 units
Year: 2007
Speed: 21 kn
Engine: MAN B&W 7S60

The largest Car Carrier in the world is named motor vessel Faust. The ship is one of the interesting engineer outfits. The vessel was built in 2007 in the ship-yard of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering DSME. The ship is sailing under the flag of Sweden and with its deadweight of 30,383 metric tons in maximum draft is the largest car carrier built ever. Well the number looks too low, but car carriers are designed to carry light cargoes, and their freeboards are too big. That is the main reason this one to have so little deadweight. But m/v Faust has not so little measurements. The Gross Tonnage of the vessel is 71,583 metric tons, with a length of 228 meters and a beam of 33 meters. The maximum draft of m/v Faust is 11.5 meters and the Air Draft of the vessel is 52 meters. The capacity of the ship is for nearly 8000 cars, but this large vessel is designed to carry not only cars, but also trucks.

    The vessel Faust is very interesting ship, which is sailing over the all continents. The stern ramp has a width is 9.5 meters and a height of 6.5 me ters. The ramp has a capacity of 240 tones. The m/v Faust has 13 decks, 5 from which are hoistable. The whole capacity area is about 67,300 cubic meters. As I said the vessel can carry not only cars, but also trucks and busses. This is making the work of engineers harder, because the difference inthe weight of cars will make some lift or will make some twist of the construction. The maximum allowed trucks or busses to be carried are 468 and then will have place for nearly 3,484 cars. So large and difficult to be designed vessel needs from strong engine with a lot of power to move is quickly through the water. Vessels from Ro-Ro type, in which are also Car Carriers, needs a lot of speed. The vessel Faust got its speed from a main engine B&W 7S60MC-C. The maximum speed that the vessel reaches is 21 knots, and the crossing speed is about 19 knots.
  The call sign of m/v Faust is SLKQ (Sierra Lima Kilo Quebec) and the IMO number is 9332925. The vessel is operated by the ship-owner Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics. The ship is very interesting in the engineer’s point of view. This is the main reason to present it to your attention and to explain the general data of it. 

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