m/v Oasis Of The Seas

   Lenght: 360 .00 m
Beam: 47.00 m
Height: 65.00 m
Draft: 9.00 m
Gross Tonnage : 225,285 m.t.
Passengers: 5,400
Crew: 2,165
Decks: 16
Engine: Wartsila
Power: 128,640 hp
Speed: 20.3 kn
Built: 2009
Shipyard: STX Europe, Turku
Price: 1.5 billion USD

      The cruise ship, which got all hearts and all eyes in the end of 2009 was the giant of the seas - Oasis of the Seas. The ship is called sailing resort and this is not a joke. The cruise ship has much more entertainments and much more advantages than even the most luxury resorts. The ship is collecting some of the highest titles of the ship-building and ship-designing. The cruise ship Oasis of the Seas is the largest, the widest, the highest and definitely the most expensive cruise ship of the world. But definitely, when talking about cruise ship, like this one it is not enough for the company Royal Caribbean. They ordered such vessel, because they needed large size to put all the entertainments and to realize all their ideas into one vessel. According to the company this will attract all kind of visitors and this will increase the number of reservations in spite of the financial crisis. According to the company this cruise ship should show to the guests that the cruise is not a passive, but active way of their vacation.

     Oasis of the Seas is really the largest cruise vessel and most expensive of the world. The ship has the price of 1.5 billion USD. It is really amazing to imagine the size and the luxury style of the resort. The ship has length of 360.00 m and beam of 47.00 m on the water line, while the maximum beam is 60.50 m. Oasis of the Seas is also the highest vessel with 65.00 meters in height and largest with gross tonnage of 225,285 g.t. If you were not impressed by the measurements of the ship, just imagine that the shop has 16 passenger decks, 7 differentneighborhoods and 2,700 cabins. The staterooms have large variety - from small 3rd class cabins with small living area and own bathroom to large apartments with living room, bedroom and large verandahs. On board there is capacity for more than 5,400 passengers, who will be served by 2,165 crew members. Oasis of the Seas is really the ship having amazing entertainments, luxury living area and best cruises. On board you can find large number of sport facilities, just like climbing walls, basketball field, ice rink, mini golf and fitness hall. The ship has also luxury spa center and beauty salon. On board there is surf simulator, which is great attraction on some of Royal Caribbean cruises and imitates that you are riding surf in the waves you like. There are also beautiful cafes, restaurants and fast food places. Very attractive café is situated in elevators driving around 3 decks and having beautiful sea-view. But this is not everything, which will impress you in the cruise ship Oasis of the seas. The beauty of Royal Caribbean is the new green ship of the world, having a lot of parks, trees and pools. The cruise ship is great place for vacation and if you plan to book your cruise, definitely should hurry, because of the great interest about the vessel.

The ship from the class of Oasis of the Seas cannot be built ineach shipyard. It is hard job to build such large ship. The owners of the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas decided to order their vessel in STX Europe shipyard (ex Akeryards) in Turku, Finland. The ship-yard is among the highest quality and best yards in the world. The shipbuilders knew that the job is hard and such large vessel needs of strong engine and quality propulsion system. The cruise ship has main engine Wartsila, which is giving total power of 128,640 hp, which is enough for the ship to reach the maximum speed of 25.6 knots in seatrials, but according to engineers the cruising speed is 23.0 knots. The measurements of the vessel are quite big, which do not allow for Oasis of the Seas to sail everywhere. The destinations of the luxury cruise ship will be mostly in Caribbean Sea and Western Europe. Only a couple of ports can host such large vessel, which is the main reason for the ship to have restricted access to ports. In all cases having vacation on board of Oasis of the Seas will be really attractive, very beautiful and great for everyone, because on board definitely you will find your place.

Interesting facts about the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas

• The cruise ship Oasis of the Seas was christened by 7 famous ladies, each for one of the neighborhoods on board. The godmothers are Michelle Kwan, Gloria Estefan, Dara Torres, Shawn Johnson, Keshia Knight
Pulliam, Jane Seymour and Daisy Fuentes.
• Oasis of the Seas has 7 different neighborhoods with names "Royal Promenade", "Boardwalk", "Central Park", "Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center", "Entertainment Place", "Pool and Sports Zone" and "Youth Zone".
• Oasis of the Seas started her maiden voyage on 1st December 2009 and continues 4 days. On the launching ceremony the special guest on board was the pop singer Rhianna and visited the ports Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
• Oasis of the Seas has 24 places for dinner, including restaurants and fast food bars
• The cruise ship Oasis of the Seas has 42 elevators. One of them is redesigned into bar, which is traveling around 3 decks and having amazing ocean-view.
• All six Wartsila main engines of the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas are having heavy fuel consumption of 2,400 gallons per hour.

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