m/v Oberno

Name: Oberon
Type: Car Carrier
Lenght: 231.60 m
Beam: 32.26 m   
Draft: 11.5 m   
Deadweight: 30.134 m.t.   
GT: 71,673 g .t.   
NT: 33,513 n .t.   
Capacity: 8,000 units    
Year: 2008    
Speed: 21 kn   
Power:24,560 hp

      Oberon is car carrier property of Wallenius Lines, which is the company owning one of the largest fleets of the world. The ships of the company are large and high quality, having large number of innovations and modern equipment. Of course the ship Oberon is not moving away from the standard. Motor vessel Oberon has overall length of 231.60 meters, while the length between perpendiculars is 219.30 meters. The car carrier has beam of 32.26 meters, air draft of 51.96 meters and height to upper deck of 34.70 meters. The ship Oberon is quite large having capacity for 8,000 cars or combination of 3,484 cars and 466 busses or heavy vehicles. The ship has draft 11.30 meters, fully loaded with cargo. These measurements of the ship Oberon are giving deadweight of 30.134 metric tons, while the gross tonnage is 71,673 gross tons and net tonnage is 33,513 net tons. Definitely the car carrier Oberon and her sister ship Aniara are the largest car carriers of the world, having not only the largest capacity, but also largest measurements. And such large vessel cannot be built elsewhere, because of the restrictions in many ship-yards. The shipbuilder, which was able to create such a giant was Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and their ship-yard DSME in Korea. The ship-builder installed on board of the large car carrier strong and reliable main engine of MAN B&W 8S60ME-C7, which is giving 24,560 hp power and ability for the ship to sail with 21 knots.

      The ship Oberon is having 13 cargo decks and cargo volume of 67,000 cubic meters. Five of these cargo decks are movable and strengthened for Roll On � Roll Off cargo. The stern cargo deck is the place, where the ship can be loaded and discharged. The stern deck is having 9.50 meters width and 6.50 meters in height with capacity of 320 tons. The machinery on board of Oberon is consisted of two mooring winches working together or alone and six conventional mooring winches. Two of the winches are placed on the forecastle and four winches on the poop deck. On board there is a provision crane, which is situated on the upper deck with a capacity of five tons. In the tank is provided quality ventilation in case to prevent the cargo from the air and humidity. The air in the ship should be changed 20 times in hour The electricity on board and maneuvering ability is provided by diesel generators STX-MAN-B&W 9SL21/31 with total power of 1,700 kW and shaft generator with power of 1,100 kW. The ship is equipped with emergency diesel generator with power of 215 kW. The high quality engine and generators on board are supported by quality navigation products and 360 degrees wheelhouse design. On board there are two separate ECDIS systems, which is made to automate the work of navigation officers on board and increase their attention to watching and ship maneuvering. On the bridge there is modern Navigational Console, INC, which is having Automated Navigation and Track keeping System, for better steering the course. The communication is ensured by Inmarsat B+C , VHF radio and GMDSS. The car carrier Oberon is really amazing and very interesting in all kind of views. The ship is designed according to latest requirements of IMO and SOLAS, to be safety and environmental.

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