m/y Dubai

Name: Dubai
Lenght: 158.00 m
Beam: 24.40 m
Draft: 4.00 m
Passengers: 24
Crew: 40
Speed: 16 kn
Yard: Blohm & Voss
Price: 300 mln USD

When talking about maritime transport the yachts are the kids of this sector of economy. And some of these yachts are really amazing. The motor yacht Dubai is the most expensive one in the world. The yacht has a length of 158 meters, or 524 feet, which is one fantastic and very large measurement for one yacht. The beam of Motor Yacht Dubai is 24.40 meters, which is equals to 80 feet. The draft of the yacht is 4 meters, and this makes in my eyes the yacht similar to one cruise ships, even smaller one. The yacht Dubai has very interesting history. The yacht is property of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the price of the yacht is about 300 million US Dollars. The yacht was projected first by the younger brother of the Emirate of Dubai and got the project was named Golden star. Later the project was went to reality by the Sheikh himself. The motor yacht Dubai was built in Blohm & Voss, Lurssen in 2007 and only with a little advance, got the first place for most luxury and most expensive yacht versus the yacht of Roman Abramovic - Pelorus.

The beauty of the yacht is into the interior design. The project was made from the best designers of the world, and this can be easily seen, when you come on board of Dubai. The yacht has a capacity for 24 guests, which can live in 5 VIP apartments and 6 more luxury appartments. The all rooms are from the highest level, and all the passangers will feel perfectly on board. The living area of the motor yacht Dubai can be easily compared with the most luxury hotels of the world. Dubai is a place where you can have a perfectly vacation. That is main feature of almost all toys of of arabian sheikhs are a large disipation of money. The yacht Dubai is perfect prove for my words. The beauty has one not so large pool, very large jacuzzi and helicopter cap. The parties on board are those you have seen in the movies, with a lot of space, good music and whatever you may want. On board of yacht Dubai everything is possible, so this is the star of the yacht-building. But I said that the beautiful part of the yacht is into the interior. The large lobby, 1 conference hall and one spacefull living room are filling the public rooms on board. The furniture is from wood, the coaches and chairs are from expensive leather and everything is very, very expensive. You will feel the power of money on board, even from the first sight.

The exterior is made with a lot of good places for entertainment. Some very discreet places for sunabthing are situated fore and aft of the yacht. Also small motor boat, diving equippment, fishing accessories and a lot of equipment for water sports can be found here. For lovers of fast speed, the yacht Dubai has 3 water jets, which are a perfect entertaiming toys for everyone. Or if we should explain the yacht shortly, this is one very luxury and very enjoying yacht. You should see it to feel the power of motor yacht Dubai.

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