m/v Arctic Voyager

Name: Arctic Voyager
Lenght: 289.50 m
Beam: 48.40 m
Depth: 26.50 m
Draft: 11.90 m
Deadweight: 75,434 m.t.
GT: 118,571 g.t.
Capacity: 140,000 cub.m.
Engine: Kawasaki UA-400
Power: 27,000 kW
Speed: 19.3 kn
    Arctic Voyager is really one of the most interesting, in engineer point of view, ships carrying Liquid Natural Gas, built last years. The vessel was ordered from Lloyds TSB Equipment Leasing and built by the famous ship-builder Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation according to requirements for the project “Norway Snowvit”. This feature of the LNG Carrier means that vessel is with boosted hull, which can sail in ice. The vessel was built according to latest developments of shipbuilding and designed to endure heavy seas and hard weather conditions. The overall length of Arctic Voyager is 289.50 meters, while the length between perpendiculars is 277.00 meters. The beam, of the vessel is 48.40 meters and the depth is 26.50 meters. The draft of Arctic Voyager, when the ship is fully loaded can read maximum value of 11.90 meters. These measurements are giving to the vessel deadweight of 75,434 metric tons, while the Gross Tonnage is 118,571 gross tons. The cargo tank capacity is over 140,000 cubic meters, which is large amount of cargo, which can be transported by this new and modern LNG Carrier. Arctic Voyager is really one of the most reliable ships, built ever. It is really hard to design and build vessel with large cargo capacity, reliable strength and ships’ stability. The main engine of the Arctic Voyager is Kawasaki UA-400 steam turbine, which is producing total power of 27,000 kW at 81 rpm. This power is enough for the vessel to operate, keep cargo in proper temperature and sail with service speed of 19.3 knots. The maximum speed of Arctic Voyager is over 20.7 knots. This high speed and reduced fuel consumption are making the vessel useful and very profitable for the ship-owner.
    The ship Arctic Voyager is built according to latest requirements of IMO and we can tell that LNG Carrier is environmental, cheap and profitable. The new comfort class notation of COMF-V reduce the noise, vibration level and make life on sea better for the officers and seamen on board. The new system for ballast loading and replacement is installed on board. The high productivity rudder and new powerful bow thruster are used for easy maneuverability in ports, while berthing and unberthing. A forcible LNG vaporizer is installed on board to convert fuel gas. Really these improvements are made for easier and more environmental operation from officers. The ship Arctic Voyager is one of the best and most modern LNG Carriers built 2008.

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