m/v Berge Ichiban

   Name: Berge Ichiban
   Type: Oil Tanker
322.95 m
60.00 m 
29.55 m 
18.65 m 
298,552 m.t. 
159,397 g.t.
16.0 kn
B&W 7S80MC
25,490  kW

Tanking about large sailing vehicles we should definitely notice Berge Ichiban. The oil tanker has overall length of 322.95 meters and beam of 60.00 meters. The depth of the board if 29.55 meters and the draft of the VLCC is 18.65 meters, while the ship is fully loaded. The deadweight of Berge Ichiban is 298,552 metric tons and the gross tonnage is 159,397 gross tons. The very large crude carrier has main engine MAN B&W 7S80MC (Mark VI) with total power of 25,490 kW at 79 rpm. The service speed of the ship is 16.00 knots, while the maximum one is 17.1 knots. Ships from the class of Berge Ichiban usually have lower speed and they are clumsier, but this crude oil carrier was designed with high speed with low fuel consumption. The cargo ship was built on February 2000 in the ship-yard Hitachi Zosen (now known as Universal Shipbuilding Corporation. The cargo ship was built for Bergesen D. Y. ASA, which is one of the largest ship-owners of the world. The ship is double hull cargo vessel created according to latest requirements of MARPOL73/78 and IMO. The ship is created with increased protection for marine pollutions, in case of grounding, accidents and collisions. The design, which was used from the Japan ship-builders was with creating ballast tanks in the double boards with ensured stability and increasing of meta-center height. This reducts the free water surfaces and heeling of the ship. The application of high quality steel plates is limited to only longitudinal for the upper deck and the double bottom to increase and improve the fatigue strength.

  The main reason from building large ships is to be profitable. Of course sometimes requirements of the companies for high profits are same with requirements of IMO and ecological organizations for low fuel consumption, improved shape of the ships and low marine and air pollution. The cargo ship Berge Ichiban covers all these requirements, because the ship-designers created this vessel with energy-saving shape, which is improving the power of the main engine and decrease the water resistance. The ship-builders also installed enormous large bulb for crashing the waves and decrease overflow of the bow. Also the super steam dust installed before propeller is increasing the power given from the main engine to the ship. This increases the speed even in heavy seas. The special paint over the boards of Berge Ichiban is giving also good decrease of water resistance. The ship is operating between Europe and US in regular router through Atlantic Ocean.

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