m/y Octopus

Name: Octopus
Lenght: 126.20 m
Beam: 21.00 m
Draft: 5.66 m
Year: 2003
Shipyard: Lurssen Yachts
Passengers: 26
Engine: Mercedes Benz
Power: 19,200 hp
Speed: 20.0 kn

A lot of yachts impress us with their design, style, interior and engineering, but for Octopus the list is not so short. The luxury yacht is property of Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft and the richest men in the world. The yacht is impressive with overall length of 126.20 meters, which is about 414 feet and the length between perpendiculars is 109.96 meters. The super-yacht was built in the yard of Lurssen Yachts in 2003, which is one of the highest quality yards, creating some of the most luxury and largest yachts of the world. The yacht Octopus has beam of 21.00 meters and draft of 5.66 meters. 

These measurements are too large for motor-yacht and definitely can be compared with small ship, but Octopus is one of the most luxury motor yachts, which were ever built. The guests’ capacity of Octopus is only 26 persons, who will be served by 57 crew members and staff persons. The yacht Octopus is made by steel, while the superstructure is aluminum. These materials are providing reliability of traveling, high comfort and decrease of the deadweight. The yacht has 41 staterooms, divided into 3 categories – Owner site, VIP stateroom and Guests rooms. The owner suite is definitely the most luxury apartment on board, consisted by 2 rooms, large verandah, and luxury interior created by the interior designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett. The other staterooms are also quite luxury and highly comfortable, providing large living area and great sea-view.

The engineering of the yacht should be reliable and powerful, because otherwise the yacht will lose a lot from her beauty. The main engines are 8 units Mercedes Benz engines each with power of 2,400 hp (total 19,200 hp or 14,320 kW). These engines are giving for the yacht enough power to reach cruise speed of 17.2 knots and maximum speed of 20.0 knots. The yacht has 850 metric tons of fuel capacity and 175 metric tons of fresh water capacity. This bunkering is giving for the yacht range of sailing of more than 800 nautical miles. The yacht Octopus was refitted in 2008 and a lot of innovations were installed on board, for more comfortable and more environmental traveling. The luxury motor yacht has active and passive stabilizers, which are decreasing rolling in heavy sea. Also Octopus has AIS, ECDIS, NAVSAT and etc, which are increasing the safety of navigation all around the world.

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