m/v Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia is the largest and most luxury vessel from the family of Costa Cruises. The ship is the symbol of the largest cruise company is Europe. Costa Concordia is really amazing ship with length of 290.00 meters and beam of 36.00 meters. The cruise ship is having 114,500 gross tonnage and capacity for 3,700 passengers and 1,100 crew members.

These short facts are revealing in front of you the majesty of the cruise ship. Costa Concordia is the bijou of the cruise shipping in Europe. The vessel is sailing under the flag of Italy and proves the words for high quality and reliability. Many people claim that the ship was built around the largest on-board spa center of the world, instead of the opposite. This is quite expected if you know that Costa Concordia is having the largest spa center ever built on board of cruise ship. The Samsara Spa is large, luxury and fully equipped to give the visitors ability to have calm and relaxing time on board. But in spite of its size spa center is not the only one entertainment on board. Together with Samsara Spa guests have access to sport facilities, 4 pools, 7 restaurants and 13 bars. The night life is quite amazing with the luxury bars, lounges and dance-clubs. And after getting nice time in some of the clubs you can get a walk under the stars in some of the public parks, which are open 24 hours a day. The cinema on board is one of the highest rated attractions, because having the largest screen ever installed on board of cruise ship.

Many people prefer watching movies under the stars in the large facility instead of having drinks in the bars during the night. If you prefer the parties, definitely should visit the Havana bar, which is situated on the open air and give you great time in the hot summer nights.
The cruise ship is giving the guests amazing entertainments and places where kinds and children can enjoy themselves and leave their parents on the ship's life. The children center is having Grand Prix Simulator, Virtual world, Squok Club with PlayStation Entertainment, games, roundabouts and cradles. The kids will have happy time, while the parents will enjoy their vacancy on board. The cruise ship is having also large number of sport facilities with more than 2,000 square meters fields for tennis, soccer, basketball and volleyball. The fitness hall is part from the spa center and has good equipment to keep your form during the holiday you have. Costa Concordia is known as the European green-ship having nice parks and trees, which will make you feeling that you are in the most luxury resort.
With greatest regret we should tell that ythe cruise ship sank on 13th January 2012 close to the shores of Giglio Island. The ship had 3200 passengers on board and over 1000 crew members, when after a colision with a reef next to Italian shores.

January 14, 2012
The Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia Aran aground on a sandbar off the west coast of Italy, killing three people.
The 3,200 passengers and 1,023 crew on board the Costa Concordia wereevacuated by lifeboats, helicopters and other ships in the area.

Costa Concordia Salvage

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