m/v Sovereign Maersk

Name: Sovereign Maersk
Type: Container Ship
Lenght: 331.98 m
Beam: 42.80 m
Depth: 21.00 m
Draft: 14.50 m
Deadweight: 104,690 m.t.
GT: 91,560 g.t.
Capacity: 8,160 TEU
Year: 1997
Speed: 24.7 kn
Engine: MAN B&W 12K90
Power: 56,000 kW
Shipyard: Odense Steel

     The large container ships impress us with size, capacity and technology development. Sovereign Maersk is one of the largest container ships built ever. The cargo ship is owner and managed by Ap Moller Maersk, which is one of the largest operators in maritime transport. Sovereign Maersk has large and impressive measurements and environmental technology. The cargo ship has overall length of 331.98 meters, beam of 42.80 meters and depth of 21.00 meters. The draft of the cargo ship, when the ship is fully loaded can reach 14.50 meters. The size of the vessel is not itself of the owner, but hull design is improved to have large capacity of cargo. The deadweight of Sovereign Maersk is 104,690 metric tons and the gross tonnage is 91,560 gross tons. The capacity of the container ship is 8,160 TEU, divided into 17 containers tiers and 13 rows. The cargo handling on such type of ship is really hard job, because of the large amount of different cargo types and destinations, but the improved Maersk Software is making this job really fast and easy. This is speeding up the work of the Chief Officer and the operation of the ship.

The cargo ship was built in 1997 in Odense Steel Shipyard in Denmark. The shipbuilder is definitely one of the highest quality and best known builders of the world, as most of the large European ships are built there. The cargo ship builders have made one of the most powerful, most profitable and most environmental ships, installing some of the latest technologies in shipping and engineering. Sovereign Maersk has main engine MAN B&W 12K90 with total output power of 75,000 hp (or about 56,000 kW). The main engine of the container ship has 12 cylinders, which is one of the most discussed engines on MAN. The engine has oil mist problem, which caused explosion of Sovereign Maersk, but the problem was quickly solved from the company of MAN. The container ship has improved propulsion system and propeller, which allow the ship to reach service speed of 21.0 knots (24.7 knots maximum speed). The container ships are in need of high speed because of the specific operations, which they are providing. The hull design and engineering were created to increase the propulsion power and to decrease the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions. The company Maersk Line is operating with the ship is various locations and especially on long routes between Asia and Europe.

The cargo ship Sovereign Maersk is sailing under the flag of Denmark International Register and registered with IMO under 9120841. The call sign of the vessel is OYGA2 and the MMSI is 9120841.

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