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Carisbrooke Shipping took delivery of the first SUPER GREEN 8500 vessel from China’s Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding. The vessel was delivered after successful seatrials and started her maiden voyage in the direction of Korea to pick up her first cargo.

Designed by Groot Ship Design, the SUPER GREEN 8500 is a Germanischer Lloyd-classed, 8,500 DWT multi-purpose dry cargo ship. This vessel is powered by the MAK 6M32C Low Emission Engine.
Length o.a. : 109.95m
Beam mld. : 17.40m
Depth moulded to main deck: 11.40m
Draft: 7.93m
Air draft in ballast: approx 31.4m
Deadweight (approx): 8,500 tonnes
Gross tonnage (approx): 6,143
Net tonnage (approx): 2,458

Total cargo hold volume (excl tweendeck):
10,688 m3 = 377,400 cbft
Heavy fuel oil: 255m3
Gas oil: 222m3
Ballast water: 3,666m3
Fresh water: 76m3

1 Hold / 1 Hatch

Hold dimensions:
Length: 70.00m (tanktop) / 76.30m (at tweendeck height)
Breadth: 13.80m / 8.28m
Height: 11.30m / 5.30m
Vessel totally boxed over a length of 58.80m (BxH 13.80m x 11.30m),
narrowing box in front (LxBxH 11.20m x 8.28m x 11.30m),
lowering box aft (LxBxH 6.30 x 13.80 x 5.30)

Hatch dimensions:
76.30m x 13.80m / 8.28m

12 panels covering complete hold (LxB 70.00m x 13.80m/8.28m)
Clear height above / below tweendeck 5.27m / 5.35m

Grain bulkheads:
4 grain bulkheads, consisting of 8 tweendeck panels.

Load capacities:
Weather deck hatches: 2.5 ton/m2
Tweendeck load: 3.5 ton/m2
Tank top load: 18 ton / m2
Vent: 12 air changes per hour

Container fittings on hatchcovers:
dovetail fittings for container twistlocks (TEU & FEU)
& D-rings for lashing rods at 40ft corners
Containers in hold: 204 TEU
Containers on hatches: 174 TEU
Total: 378 TEU

2 x 80mt swl at 15m radius, starboard mounted cranes
max outreach 45 ton at 24m.

At sea in good weather conditions:
about 12.2 knots on about 9.6 mt IFO 380 cs
Propeller: 4.29m diam. CPP in nozzle
Bow thruster: 400 kW, 1,300mm diameter, frequency controlled

Source: carisbrooke

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