m/v MSC Divina

Name:MSC Divina
Lenght: 333.00 m
Beam: 38.00 m
Draft: 8.29 m
Height: 66.81 m
Deadweight: 13,188 m.t.
Passengers: 3,502
Crew: 1,719
Power: 29,250 hp
Speed: 23.7 kn
Sipyard: STX Europe

MSC Divina is the newest cruise ship of MSC Cruises. The ship was built in the French shipyard STX Europe and completed in the beginning of 2012, as she will enter in service in May. The cruise ship is one of the most luxury and most impressive new vessels and has large measurements, great capacity and really wonderful entertainments. The cruise ship MSC Divina has length of 333.00 meters and beam of 38.00 meters. The depth of the vessel is 8.29 meters and the height is 66.81 meters. The gross tonnage of the ship is 137,936 gross tons and deadweight of 13,188 metric tons. These measurements are making MSC Divina the largest ship in Fantasia class vessels of MSC Cruises. The main engine of the cruise ship is Wartsila 16V38B, which will give output power of 21,800 kW (equals to 29,250 hp). This power is enough for the giant cruise ship to reach maximum speed of 24.5 knots, while the cruise speed if 23.7 knots.

The cruise ship has total 18 decks, 13 from which are available for the passengers. The cruise ship MSC Divina is one of the most wonderful and luxury cruise ships and offers to the guests the most impressive holidays on board. The ship has 1,739 cabins on board, which are able to host 3,502 passengers. The cabins are from four different classes, as the most luxury ones are the VIP suites. Only 99 staterooms from this class are available on board of MSC Divina, as they have own verandahs with beautiful ocean view, bathroom with vane and luxury design. The VIP suites offer 24-hour butler service, as the guests who are sleeping there will have definitely great vacation. Also it is good to mention that not only the VIP suites offer beautiful view, as more of 80% from all the staterooms have ocean view, luxury interior and comfortable equipment. The crew on board is 1,719 members, who will care for the good service, navigation, machinery and all the entertainments. In any case MSC Divina is one of the most impressive vessels, which was ever built.

 The cruise ship is project for 742 million USD, which was ordered in September 2011 and first was projected with name MSC Fantasia. However, the godmother of the ship Sophia Loren, requested from MSC's boss to change the name to MSC Divina, because she was impressed by the beauty and comfort of the vessel. The cruise ship has 4 outside swimming pools, Aurea Spa resort, Balinese massage and many more attractions and beauty salons. Also on board there are sport facilities, such as fitness center, basketball and football fields and mini golf. One of the most impressive attractions is the Exercise center overlooking the water, which is impressive and beautiful place for young and old people. On board of MSC Divina also there are parks, sunbathing places, lounges, bars and restaurants, which will care for nice and pleasant time during the vacation of all the guests. Of course for the ladies, one of the most interesting places on board is Piazza St. Marco shopping center, where the guests are able to visit some of the best known shops of the famous branches for clothing, cosmetics and etc. In any case MSC Divina will give you the most incredible holiday on board and will offer you a lot of attractions, entertainments and destinations. The cruise ship will start operations in May 2012 with beautiful holiday tour in Mediterranean sea. Definitely MSC Divina is one of the most beautiful cruise ships, built ever and one of the largest MSC Cruises vessels.

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